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Games have always been a very big part of our lives from a very young age we've been drawn towards games and one of the best categories in the gaming industries of all is the puzzle games which includes brain teasers, IQ Testing games, trivia games and many more. And the One game that is a huge success in the Brain teaser/Quiz category is "The Impossible Quiz".

The Impossible Quiz is a fun and trick Quiz Flash game by "Splapp-Me-Do". It is very similar to the traditional quiz games that we see but also very different because of the way it is designed that makes you think in non-traditional way. It was first released on 20th February in 2007 on the platforms "Newgrounds" and "deviantArt", but it gained most of its popularity through Newgrounds as it was soon removed from the deviantArt because of the some music copyright issue. But later on it was re-uploaded on deviantArt but with the name of The Impossible Quiz - Lite Version without the music.

It is free IQ testing game but with many twists and turns. Unlike the traditional brain teasers the purpose of this game is not to trick players but to make the players unleash their thinking potential and get those out of the box answers of the question.

The Impossible Quiz Unblocked

Gameplay - Impossible Quiz game

Just like any other traditional quiz game the impossible quiz game apparently has a question and four answers to choose from one being correct while the others, wrong. That's what it looks like but in reality it is filled with tricky questions that involves interaction with not only the answers but also the surroundings like the question itself which makes this game whole lot fun and also very challenging. All the levels are designed to make the player think in a very unique way to find the answer hidden in the level.

The game gets more and more harder to play as many of the levels just don't make any sense and you just have to go with guts or sheer luck in some cases which makes the answers unpredictable. Like in some levels you will have to find the answer by literally hovering your mouse cursor over the whole level which makes it more fun in many ways because the player don't get stuck in a single type of gameplay throughout the game. You will have to use common sense in some levels while in others you will have to think more creatively.

The Impossible Quiz walkthrough

How to play The Impossible Quiz?

So the player gets 3 lives at the start of the game and for each wrong answer he loses a life (except for when he presses the tab key) and when he loses all 3 lives the game is over. And he has to restart from all over again which makes the game more challenging. But to make this game a little easier the player can use skips to skip the particular question at which he gets stuck. The Player needs to beat all the levels and get to the last one with all the skips so beat the last level which makes the skips more or less useless for all other levels.

As all the flash games has this tab key to highlight all the clickable areas, for this one though there are many levels which contains these hidden clickable areas inside them and the players can highlight them so thats the reason why the use of tab is banned from the game and if you do you will lose the game instantly.

How The Impossible Quiz Game was created?

This game was created as a mini game project which was supposed to be played by some friends to answer these out of the box questions with a very unique way of puzzle solving. At that time the game only had like 30-40 questions eventually this project was dropped. But in the middle of 2006 the very first complete version of this game was officially introduced to the world.

Why is the Impossible Quiz so popular?

The Impossible Quiz game gives player many kinds of gameplays where he needs to to use all kinds of techniques and creativity to complete the levels which makes the game much more challenging and the player doesn't lose interest playing it.

It has gained a lot of success in the past few years and that’s the reason why there's been many copies of this game available on the internet by many different names. You could say that the reason for this popularity is the unique idea behind this game because the game is so unpredictable and just plays with your head which some players find frustrating while the others enjoy this and think of it as challenge that they have to complete which keeps them hooked for hours.

Another reason for the popularity of this game is the Youtube channels on which players play this game with friends and have fun which make the viewer want to try the game him/herself because we gamers love competition and challenges don't us? And if you think you can beat this game and become a master gamer! Play The Impossible Quiz now.